…. It all started with a dream. Fragile, sometimes uncertain, but really desired by soul, which with a big perseverance and endless love to our work has won and continues to win thousands and thousands of women’s hearts from around the world and has become a large-scale idea, the goal of life, which we confidently implement for the third year.

Shleifdress is a line of modern wedding and evening handmade dresses with special attention to quality and beautiful details, feminine silhouettes and “delicious” shades, perfect fit and the same exquisite embroidery. All in order to reveal and emphasize the natural beauty and purity, light and grace, sensuality and passion, elegance and endless romance of every girl!

With all our beings we wish to leave in the hearts of our brides an unforgettable feeling of airy lightness, fairy tale and absolute happiness that they feel in their dream dress on their most desired celebration day.

Our Shleifdress team loves details, loves to please, so our brides receive their dresses in branded wooden boxes, which are not only pleasant to obtain but also can be used for wedding photography.

We sew ready-to-wear dresses in standard sizes that can be purchased at our showroom in Lutsk (Ukraine) or in the wedding salon in Kiev (Ukraine). Also, we make dresses according to the personal measurements of the girls, including remote orders without fittings.

To bring the beauty to the world, making the others a little happier – that’s the reason we exist!